Here you will find webinars from leading experts and valued members of The Icehouse delivery team, to help clarify and make sense of some of the most pressing topics that are affecting businesses and business owners.
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Supply Chain Management for NZ: Challenges and Responses

David Robb, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at The University of Auckland Business School, dives into the challenges and responses to Supply Chain. The ...

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Why Should Kiwi Small Businesses Embrace Wellbeing? Presented by Xero

Why Should Kiwi Small Businesses Embrace Wellbeing? Happier, healthier employees = More productive employees. Phil Crothers, Learning Experience Business Partner at Xero ...

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Supply Chain Reviews – Insights & Learnings in 2021 with Dave Christie

Dave Christie, Supply Chain Specialist, dives into the world of Supply Chain - the implications and key issues since Covid-19, how NZ and global companies are responding, the ...

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Staff and Recruitment Trends: Tips for Business Owners

2021 Staff and Recruitment Trends – Tips for Business Owners to support Good Hiring, Work Cultures and Dealing with New Ways of Working, with Shannon Barlow and Kirsty Henegan ...

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The Icehouse Product Focus: Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

The Icehouse hosted a webinar, presented by Gareth Bayliss, The Icehouse Sales Manager and Community Manager, Bryar Stewart. The webinar focuses on The Icehouse Leadership ...

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The Future Of Business, Beyond The Future Of Work with Melissa Wragge

The Future of Business, Beyond the Future of Work with Melissa Wragge, Business Coach at The Icehouse. Melissa is a passionate conscious capitalist who believes in business as ...

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The Icehouse Product Focus: Owner Manager Programme (OMP)

The Icehouse hosted a webinar, presented by our Sales Manager, Gareth Bayliss and Community Manager, Bryar Stewart, focusing on The Icehouse flagship product, Owner Manager ...

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Understanding Your Cash Flow, from Director of Business Growth at Xero

What does it take to become data fit? How can getting curious about your business help you unlock your potential?

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