The Icehouse is where kiwi businesses grow

Through our nationwide events, workshops and programmes we give startups and SMEs access to the expertise, networks and funding they need to achieve their growth aspirations and become Businesses of International Quality (BIQs).

No matter what stage you're at (just a wild idea or been around for 20 years) we can get alongside and

help you grow

- Andy Hamilton, The Icehouse, CEO


One of the most important things a startup or SME business can do to ensure it succeeds is ask for help. Through our growth programmes, one-on-one mentoring and access to a huge pool of talented and experienced facilitators, coaches and business people we can help you learn the skills and techniques you need to build a business, drive progress and succeed.

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It matters who you know. One of the most valuable assets for any ambitious business is having a strong network of contacts, advisors, supporters and suppliers. Working with The Icehouse, you join our extensive local and global network and get access to others in it – government, exporters, partners, industry experts, suppliers and other businesses like yours.

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Whether you are a startup trying to get your idea off the ground or an SME needing funding to fuel the next phase of growth, The Icehouse team can help you understand your options, get your team and business ready for investment and, as appropriate, connect you to potential investors - be it private angel investors, VCs, seed fund managers, government or bankers.

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Learning should be an experience

We offer nation wide events, workshops and programmes to help small and medium size businesses achieve their growth experiences


Get to know The Icehouse and learn about business basics.

Short, sharp sessions to learn about business basics and The Icehouse offerings.

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Learn about business fundamentals.

Short, topic-specific group learning experiences to gain practical, actionable insights.

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Break through the next phase of business growth.

In-depth, continuous learning experiences to transform you and your business.

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