The Icehouse Product Focus: Customised Solutions

Posted by The Icehouse on Dec 5, 2022 12:00:00 AM

The Icehouse recently hosted a webinar to highlight The Icehouse Customised Solutions. Presented by Jo Clayton (Directing Team), Darilyn Kane (Coaching & Advisory Lead) and Bryar Stewart (Community Manager), the webinar unpacks how Customised Solutions work, why they are focused on the businesses needs and objectives, the benefits of Customised Solutions, the outcomes and feedback The Icehouse has had from the solutions and how you can learn more.

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Product Bio:

Icehouse customised training is an opportunity to create a high-impact learning experience tailored to the specific needs and delivered right in your business where the biggest impact can be made.

We take what we have learned from years of working with successful Kiwi business owners and entrepreneurs and leverage this into a tailored programme that is the right fit for your business and employees.

Whether you are facing shifting market dynamics, new competitors, more demanding customers, new strategic challenges and opportunities or a desire for team capability elevation, we partner with you to assess your needs and customise a relevant development process to strengthen the leadership and management capability of your business and build a strong and effective top team.

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