Community with Bryar Stewart, Community Manager at The Icehouse

Posted by The Icehouse on Oct 3, 2022 12:00:00 AM

The Icehouse recently hosted a webinar to highlight The Icehouse Community. Presented by Bryar Stewart (Community Manager) and Priya Dahya (Marketing Coordinator), the webinar unpacks what The Icehouse Community looks like, how our Alumni can get involved, why Community is important, the process of bringing the Community strategy to life and tips for building Community to enhance overall business goals.


Bryar provides information into the different way Alumni can get involved post their programme;

  • Events and Reunions – Face to face connection
  • Storytelling and Content – Sharing the inspiring stories of our Alumni
  • Icehouse Central – Online Community platform
Learn more about how The Icehouse leans into Community, advice for SMEs building business communities, and get in touch with Bryar or the wider team to discover events and opportunities happening in your region.

Community is The Icehouse magic, seeing people help each other, get connected and feel part of something bigger.

To learn more about The Icehouse Community and ways to get connected, click here.

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