Connect, Support, Grow.

For Programme & Long-Term Coaching Alumni of The Icehouse.


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Icehouse Central is a social platform for our Alumni to connect, chat and provide help to each other – and continue to learn.

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A fantastic time to re-energise your business ownership journey, spend the day with your peers and accomplished speakers.

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Exclusive alumni benefits to those who have journeyed with The Icehouse through one of our programmes or long-term coaching.

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Our team are continuing to reach regions throughout New Zealand with alumni events each month. Check out the events coming up!

Connect with our growing Alumni Network!

Hi Icehouse Alumni! We would love to reconnect with you.
Fill out the form to chat with our team on how you can get connected into The Icehouse Alumni network in a way that works for you.

We can help introduce you to Alumni businesses in your area, in your industry around the whole of NZ and set you up on our community platform - Icehouse Central

Plus we have regular intimate and large format gatherings and events.

There are also opportunities to be featured on our Podcast or showcase your business via our Kiwi Business Stories and Case Studies that are shared across our network.

Alumni Connection