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Kiwi Business Story: Coworking Space – Crowd Sourcing

Lucas Grossi is the owner and Managing Director of Crowd Sourcing. Based at The Icehouse’s coworking space in central Auckland, Crowd Sourcing is an innovative IT recruitment ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Owner Manager Programme – Hortus

Aaron Jay is the owner and Managing Director of Hortus, a viticulture and horticulture company delivering expectational services in labour, machinery and management.

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Kiwi Business Stories: Leadership Development Programme – Aitken Joinery

Brodie Andrews is the General Manager of Aitken Joinery. Based in Gore, the business is the largest supplier of Vantage windows and doors in Southland and Central Otago.Location: ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Owner Manager Programme – Viva Expeditions

Rachel Williams is the founder and Managing Director of Viva Expeditions, a travel agency offering personalised itineraries, group tours and small ship cruises to some of the ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Business Coaching Special – Jamie Brock

Jamie Brock, business coach at The Icehouse and Regional Lead for the Bay of Plenty, outlines what owners and their teams are looking for right now in this Kiwi Business Story ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Owner Manager Programme – Finax

Lucia Xiao is the owner and founder of Finax, an Auckland-based mortgage, insurance, property education and coaching/mentoring business. Lucia has built a NZ$17m property ...

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Kiwi Business Story – Coworking Round-Up

More and more businesses globally are taking advantage of the benefits of working in a shared space ecosystem. Lower operating costs generally, reduced commercial rents and ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Taking Your Business Forward – Colab Brewing

Heidi Crockett is the owner of Colab Brewing, an independent brewer of specialist craft beers. Based in Warkworth, Colab Brewing creates its own high-quality seasonal beers, and ...

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