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Case Study: Kim Metcalf from Wynn Fraser Paints

To see businesses operating more effectively because they are developing their leaders, not just at the top but at all levels is rewarding, especially when our post-programme ...

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Case Study: Sam Colthurst from Colthurst Flooring

We were floored when we met Whangarei’s Sam Colthurst on Owner Manager Programme 64. Sam and his wife Teresa have taken flooring into a new dimension, implementing high-tech ...

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Case Study: Caleb Male from Kenai

Caleb Male is the owner of Kenai, a civil construction company based in Rotorua.

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Business Coaching Case Study: Sam Wilson from Modern Barn Living

Sam Wilson from Modern Barn Living is working with Icehouse coach Andy Hamilton as he looks to build a core alliance model for his design and build business.

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Singing From the Same Hymn Sheet - Geoff Bourke's Journey Into Ownership & Leadership

A few years on from completing the Owner Manager Programme, Managing Director of Energyworks Geoff Bourke is proud of the goals he set out to achieve, and he’s got a team around ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Richard Beaumont at Ardmore Nurseries and Agovor

Richard Beaumont is Director at Ardmore Nurseries, Founder and Director of start-up, Agovor, and an Owner Manager Programme alumni. This Kiwi Business Story is based on a podcast ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Ross Hill-Rennie at Tile Shed

Ross Hill-Rennie is the Managing Director of Tile Shed, a Financial Skills Workshop and Financial Skills Plus attendee, Coaching alumni, and Owner Manager Programme participant ...

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Kiwi Business Story: Tracey Karam at Safety Genius

Tracey Karam is the Production Manager at Safety Genius and a Leadership Development Programme alumni. This Kiwi Business Story is based on a podcast from 9 November 2023, and all ...

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