Are you interested in how other business owners and entrepreneurs have overcome their greatest challenges, successfully launched and grown businesses and raised funding for their ventures? Then take a moment to read some of their stories below.





PowerbyProxi: Powering up the business

Name: Fady Mishriki and Greg Cross • Business: PowerbyProxi  •  Year Founded: 2007 •  Industry: ICT •  Location: Auckland and International •  Icehouse Programme: Startup/Incubation • Years: 2007-2009 • FTEs before the programme: 2  • FTEs today: 70  With a bit of tenacity, a lot of market understanding, and the right people onside; a great idea always pulls through in the end. Background: The journey started...

The Icehouse | 16/09/14

Sam with Climate Van

Climate: Raising the heat in the business

Name: Sam and Lee Tyson • Business: Climate  •  Year Founded: 1956 and altered in 2010 •  Industry: Energy •  Location: Taranaki •  Icehouse Programme: Owner Operator Programme • Year: 2012 • Increase in turnover*: 100% • Increase in FTEs*: 125% *Calculated from start of joining Icehouse programme to now “Through this program we have gained the confidence and insight into how to grow...

The Icehouse | 16/09/14


Dream Au Pair: Caring for the business

Name: Ginny Douglas and Tanya Burrage • Business: Dream Au Pair  •  Year Founded: 2010 •  Industry: Education •  Location: Auckland •  Icehouse Programme: Owner Operator Programme • Year: 2013 • Increase in turnover*: 51% • Increase in FTEs*: 8% *Calculated from start of joining Icehouse programme to end of last financial year Our goal for the programme was to continue with significant growth...

The Icehouse | 09/09/14


Blackley Construction: Laying the ground work for growth

Name: Kevin Blackley • Business: Blackley Construction  •  Year Founded: 1960 •  Industry: Property and Construction •  Location: Palmerston North, Manawatu, Wanganui Region •  Icehouse Programme: Owner Manager Programme • Year: 2013 • Increase in turnover*: 35% • Increase in FTEs*: 26.67% *Calculated from start of joining Icehouse programme to now Blackley Construction offers innovative solutions to construction challenges, specialising in civil and rural construction...

The Icehouse | 08/09/14

1010 TBIG Kapiti Coast DC-103-Edit.tif

Armstrong Downes Commecial: The building blocks to success

Name: Simon Taylor •  Business: Armstrong Downes Commercial •  Industry: Property & Construction • Year Founded: 1992  • Location: Lower North Island  •  Icehouse Programme: Owner Manager Programme •  Year: 2011  •  Increase in Turnover: 33%  •  Increase in FTEs: 16% Established in 1992 Armstrong Downes Commercial is a very successful Lower Hutt owned commercial construction company. Owned by Tony Doile and...

The Icehouse | 22/08/14

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