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Mitre 10 Mega – Stepping it up

Name: Stephen Nelson • Business: Mitre 10 MEGA • Industry / Business type: Building Supplies • Business Location: Wellington • Position: CEO • Icehouse programme: Leadership Development Programme Stephen Nelson was working in Mitre 10 MEGA when his owner went on The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme (OMP) and came back to the...

The Icehouse | 04/03/14


HeartSaver – Jump Starting The Business

Mike and Helen Mander’s business ‘Heart Saver’ supplies, distributes, tests and provides training in Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). They started their business in April 2012 with one unit as a ‘first response’ initiative for those suffering cardiac arrests. Mike and Helen knew there was a market for what they were doing, there are an estimated 1,500 cardiac arrests every year in New Zealand and responding to them puts significant strain on national emergency service providers.

The Icehouse | 28/11/13

ecoPortal iPad version

ecoPortal – Simplifying Sustainability Issues

When ecoPortal started, four of the five were in the midst of completing their PhD’s at the University of Auckland and were motivated by the possibility of commercialising their knowledge. However, the team realised they would need support to develop the business model around their solutions, to engage with potential customers and to learn about sales tactics and strategies.

The Icehouse | 26/08/13

SnapComms website image

SnapComms – Staff Communication Software Solutions

SnapComms provide out-of-the-box employee communications software solutions that supports organisation enabling them to communicate more effectively with their staff. The founders started working on the concept in 2002 and turned to The ICEHOUSE in 2004 to get advice and guidance around developing their business model, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing collateral and value proposition.

The Icehouse | 31/07/13


Concept Fitness Systems – Upping The Performance Of The Business

When Brendon Wilson decided to sign on to the Achieving Business Growth Workshop, his business had been doing well. Brendon enjoyed his business but struggled to let go of many day-to-day tasks, meaning he was working within the business far too much, not leaving him any time to focus on strategic direction or the structure of the company.

The Icehouse | 17/05/13

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