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The 1-2-3s of Growing Sales

Written by Derek Young, Icehouse Coach and facilitator of our Grow your Sales Skills Workshop.  A common challenge amongst many of the business owners and managers we work with is “how do we make more sales?” We know that there is no shortage of willing advisors who mean well, but are they...

The Icehouse | 04/04/17


A brand is more than a logo, it’s a promise

Written by Carollyn Chaplin. Many think that a brand is just a name, a logo, or a design, but I am always heartened when a business owner can dig deeper knowing that their brand is reflected in what they promise their customers and how they consistently deliver this promise. The key to a...

The Icehouse | 07/03/17


February Survey Results: Do you make the most of goal-setting?

In our Feburary newsletter, we asked a few questions about The Icehouse network’s attitudes towards setting goals. Take a look at the results below! 1. Do you set clear, written professional and personal goals for your future and make plans to accomplish them? 35% said 'I have goals, but i haven't written them...

The Icehouse | 01/03/17


What’s your Good Business?

     WHAT DRIVES THE BUSINESSES THAT DRIVE THE ECONOMY?           At The Icehouse, we believe good business is fuelled by what personally drives you. Last year we sent out a survey to kiwi business owners, and over 700 of you gave us your thoughts. What are your main...

The Icehouse | 20/02/17


A Letter to the Thief from Lochiel Trailers

The following is a letter posted by Lochiel Trailers in the Southland Times and Christchurch Press after the theft of one of their brand new trailers: To the person or persons who are in possession of a brand new 10×5’6’’ Hydraulic tipping High sided tandem axle trailer, chassis number F126, In the...

The Icehouse | 09/02/17

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