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Team Success

Lead your team to success

Being the business owner, you are constantly on your toes. Being on the go 24/7 means it’s easy to forget that you are in fact the leader of the business. Your actions set a bench mark for your employees to follow. Every business owner will hear that it's important to develop your...

The Icehouse | 21/07/16


Business planning for you and your business

Business planning for you and your business When it comes to implementing a business plan for you and your business, having a clear picture of what you want to achieve is key. Not only will this help you align your vision and team strategy, but it will allow you to refine...

The Icehouse | 21/07/16


Gain access to a valuable network of other owners and business experts

It’s who you know, not what you know. The Icehouse holds access to an extensive network of business owners and business experts. Being able to reach out to someone who is feeling the exact same way, who may have experienced the same successes and failures and can give worthwhile advice...

The Icehouse | 21/07/16


MEDIA RELEASE: The Icehouse welcomes new leaders with diverse expertise to its governance

Media Release 20 July 2016 The Icehouse welcomes new leaders with diverse expertise to its governance   The Icehouse announced the appointment of new directors to its board, in addition to welcoming new trustees to its owner, the International Centre for Entrepreneurship Trust which is a charitable foundation. Greg Tomlinson, Jonathan Reid and...

The Icehouse | 20/07/16

Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton: Innovation creates opportunity

In a world that can be guilty of loving the 'new-new thing', how do you distinguish substance from hype and how do you ensure investors and lenders are adequately protected? How do regulators strike the balance between allowing innovation and protecting investors and consumers from potentially risky products or unexpected outcomes? Icehouse CEO, Andy Hamilton, shares his insights on innovation in the modern era.

The Icehouse | 13/07/16

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