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Launching Products the Right Way

Wanting to improve your skills to become a more effective product manager? The Medium's article on 'MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager' talks you through a simple diagram relating to the best disciplines when looking to level up as product manager.

The Icehouse | 25/05/16


Tips for sound financial planning and governance

Crowe Horwath talk about management and reporting tools to help track performance as we head into the second half of 2016.

The Icehouse | 25/05/16


Building Weatherproof Companies

CEOs who expect their companies to be acquired as a “quick exit” aren’t going to have it easy. It’s especially hard for those CEOs and advisors who never had to learn how to build a full-fledged, well-governed company -- with sustainable sales, marketing, HR, legal, customer support, accounting, and finance -- without losing their sense of urgency. They “simply” needed to build a winning product, merge with a larger company, and then let others take care of the rest.

The Icehouse | 24/05/16


Innovation: Step Aside Startup!

There is no question that the word 'innovation' is synonymous with startup. The PWC Herald Talks held last week addressed the topic of innovation through clarifying three key areas: iteration, innovation and disruption. There was also a new spanner thrown in the mix - small businesses can also produce innovative ideas, concepts and products.

The Icehouse | 23/05/16


The Paradox of Workplace Productivity

The Harvard Business Review sheds light on an ever increasing topic of discussion: workplace productivity. Read below for more. At its most basic, productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost (or time) required to do so. And while this equation seems simple enough on the...

The Icehouse | 23/05/16

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