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Engaging with a business coach can help you refine your strategy, keep you on track and achieve your business goals. 

For Kiwi Businesses.

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Benefits of having a business coach:
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Advice & Know-How: Tap into the wealth of knowledge of a coach who has the skills and experience you might be lacking.

Accountability: A coach is someone who will make sure you focus on the activities that matter most to your business.

New Skills: Learn new skills from your coach that will be valuable to you and your business even after you have finished working with them

New Perspectives: A coach is often more objective and less caught up in the day-to-day activities of the business. This fresh perspective can help you to identify opportunities you might have not seen on your own.

Networks: Business coaches are often very well connected people and can make introductions and connections for the businesses they work with.

Through the good and bad times: Being a business owner can be lonely at times. A coach is someone you can talk to (maybe even go on a little rant with), someone who celebrates your successes with you and encourages and pushes you when times are tough.


What could business coaching look like for you?

6-Month Coaching Engagement:

A “booster shot” perfect for established businesses wanting growth and impact. Together with a coach you will review your business, create a plan for key activities, receive monitoring and motivation to achieve 2-3 immediate goals. Initial ‘meet and greet’ to ensure a good fit with your recommended coach and establish some key goals will be followed by up to three hours of coaching per month.


12-Month Coaching Engagement:

A longer-term strategy focus programme built for established businesses preparing for the next step toward success. Together with a coach you will review your business plan, create or solidify a strategic direction, identify immediate and future goals, monitor progress, recalibrate and/or set up an advisory structure. Initial ‘meet and greet’ to ensure a good fit with your recommended coach and establish some key goals will be followed by up to three hours of coaching per month for the first 6 months and two hours per month for the second six months.


Tailored Coaching Engagement:

Built to suit you and your business needs. One-on-one coaching to keep you on track to achieve your strategic goals. We’ll team you up with a business coach to suit your needs, and together you will agree on a programme to suit you. We can work beside you for a specific project, to overcome a specific hurdle, or reach a new market. Tap into ongoing advice and networks to help you take your business to the next level. You will get the skills, clarity and support to grow your business and think big.



Ready to find your coach?

Areas of expertise our coaches can help with:

• Business Planning

• Organisational structure

• Leadership

• Strategy

• International business development

• Governance

• Business acquisition and divestments

• Finance

• Brand development and positioning

• Processes and operational effectiveness

• Marketing

• HR

• Market Validation

• Building and aligning a top team

• Vision

• Franchising

• Due diligence