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Employment Relationships and Restructures with Three60 Consult

Posted by Three60 Consult on Aug 31, 2020 9:45:06 AM

With the recent resurgence in COVID-19 in Auckland we have had to deal with the question of “is this our new normal?” From an employment law perspective – the law has not changed but does that mean we can carry on the same way? “Good faith” underpins the whole employment relationship and understanding how employers need to engage in good faith with employees is more crucial than ever.

What does “good faith” look like when dealing with employees impact by the COVID restrictions – stuck outside of the boarder, wanting to stay away from work or cancelling annual leave as they can’t get away?” Attendees will get guidance on these and other issues of what employers are obligation to do in these challenging times.


Topics: HR & Employment, Covid, Three60 Consult

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