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Episode 11: Carl and Greg Arnold - Hosted by Maryse Dinan

Thinking outside the box, the father-son duo of Carl and Greg made the most out of lockdown. Hear their business story and how the whole team at Kitchen Mania worked together ...

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Episode 9: Shayne Forrest - Hosted by Maryse Dinan

Shayne Forrest is the General Manager for Marketing and Communication at Hobbiton and an Icehouse Leadership Programme alumni.

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Episode 5: Chris Woods - Hosted by Gareth Bayliss

Associate Professor, Department of Management, and International Business, The University of Auckland Business School Director, Coal Spud Group Life Fellow, Clare Hall, ...

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Episode 4: Sarah Ramsay - Hosted by Gareth Bayliss

Sarah Ramsay, CEO of United Machinists.

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Episode 3: Kevin D'Ambros Smith - Hosted by Gareth Bayliss

Kevin coaches businesses on how to drive long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

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Episode 2: Miranda Smith - Hosted by Gareth Bayliss

Miranda Smith Homecare was established over 17 years ago, making it the longest running private home care agency in New Zealand. 

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