Episode 72: Warren Thurlow, Owner Manager Programme Alumni

Posted by The Icehouse on Feb 17, 2022 2:58:26 PM

Episode 72 of The Icehouse podcast, hosted by Bryar Stewart, is with Warren Thurlow, Owner Manager Programme 46 Alumni. Warren was the Owner of Kerb and Concrete for six years before exiting the business in 2021. After a challenging time, and noticing his wellbeing, mental health and personal world was suffering, Warren took the bold leap to make a big change.

“A hard decision, but the right one” he says.

As Warren explores what’s next, he kindly takes time to talk to us and reflect on the journey that led to that hard decision.

The conversation is a must-listen for all business owners and leaders. It’s a story worth sharing as it touches on very real disappointments, internal thoughts, loss of expectation and unexpected freedoms that can come when making challenging but important decisions.

“Intrinsic ambition and drive - it can sometimes stop you from celebrating the little wins. You move past them too quickly and onto the next thing. I wish I had known myself better and enjoyed the journey a little bit more” - Warren Thurlow

“Really pay attention to finding balance. Imbalance is not healthy for anyone. If you can find that balance within your business, within your teams, and within yourself, it’s the number one thing you should do to have sustainable success as a business leader and owner” - Warren Thurlow

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Any questions? Contact us at grow@theicehouse.co.nz

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