Episode 4: A Seat At The Table - Pip Simeon

Posted by The Icehouse on May 24, 2022 1:36:17 PM

Introducing Episode 4 of A Seat At The Table with guest Pip Simeon. Pip is Global Head of Marketing at Vista Group and has held Head of Marketing positions at organisations such as Microsoft and Fairfax Media. Regular hosts Liz Wotherspoon, Chief Executive of Growth at The Icehouse, Bryar Stewart, The Icehouse Community Manager, and Melanie Spencer, Co-CEO at Socialites, invite special guests for courageous conversations.

Pip Simeon, Global Head of Marketing at Vista Group, Marketing and Technology Leader

She takes A Seat At The Table for marketing and tech, championing the impact both can have within any organisation. Her sense of purpose comes from helping other professionals on their journey, through Imposter Syndrome, trying new industries, being confident in themselves, and seeing true diversity and trust within teams.

Pip brings compassion, empathy, energy and innovative thinking to her work and gives everything her all.

This courageous conversation unpacks:

  • Pip’s passions, career background and life now
  • Her industry change and introduction to Tech
  • What people misunderstand about her the most
  • Her lean into ‘thinking and doing differently’ within large organisations
  • The importance of diversity and empathy within teams and leadership
  • The need for Marketing to have A Seat At The Table
  • Her sense of purpose in helping others in their career journey

Join the conversation with Pip, Liz, Mel and Bryar.

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