Episode 35: Josie Adlam - Hosted by Bryar Stewart

Posted by The Icehouse on Apr 29, 2021 1:52:22 PM

Episode 35 of The Icehouse podcast, hosted by Bryar Stewart, is with Josie Adlam, an Icehouse Coach.

Josie is a visionary and transformational executive leader with a deep commitment to seeing emerging and innovative businesses succeed and achieve their growth potential. She has always had a natural aptitude for business strategy, sales, and market development. She has helped a wide range of industry and life-stage businesses in both Auckland and Wellington to “get there faster” - ranging from early growth technology start-ups to established services industry organisations to high growth international market expansions.

Josie gives us insights into her coaching experience, common business challenges, advice for business owners and entertains us with an interesting fact we wouldn’t have guessed!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Any questions? Contact us at grow@theicehouse.co.nz

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