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About Josie

Josie is a visionary and transformational executive leader with a deep commitment to seeing emerging and innovative businesses succeed and achieve their growth potential. She has always had a natural aptitude for business strategy, sales, and market development, which has complemented her technical strengths and formal degree in Electrical Engineering. She has helped a wide range of industry and life-stage businesses in both Auckland and Wellington to “get there faster” - ranging from early growth technology start-ups to established services industry organisations to high growth international market expansions.

Josie is adept at recognising emerging societal and technology trends and translating their potential into successful business strategies. She has a very open approach to new business development, considering both conventional and progressive models, which often helps her to spot and nurture “flip side” opportunities.

With a large portion of her services industry experience in the ICT sector, Josie also spent several years on the Kiwibank executive team, heading up channels to market, including the online transformation, and customer experience bankwide. Her experience leading teams, designing structures, and developing talent has been invaluable to coaching businesses and their teams through their growth stages.


Areas of Expertise

• Business strategy
• Market and business development
• Sales management
• Distribution & channel management
• Leadership development
• Customer experience

Past Clients

• Brava Limited
• Keedup
• Observatory Crest
• Magnetism Solutions
• Fresh Focus
• Armstrong Downes Commercial
• Taylor Boutique
• 123 Online
• Fooman
• eMagic

"Our coach was exceptional! She was great to work with, highly knowledgeable and showed genuine care for our business and our goals."


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