Episode 155: Trina Jones, Co-founder of Cultivate

Posted by The Icehouse on Oct 19, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Episode 155 of The Icehouse Podcast, hosted by Bryar Stewart, is with Trina Jones, Co-founder of Cultivate, and Owner Manager Programme 60 Alumni.

This conversation with Trina unpacks;

  • The art of recruitment, helping people grow and thrive by connecting potential and opportunity
  • Her career journey, going from corporate leader to SME owner
  • Learnings from starting the business with 14 staff
  • The changes within the industry from manual processes to investment in technology
  • The worldly changes in the last few years and how this has impacted recruitment e.g. flexi work, salaries, labour shortages
  • How diversity of thought is good for businesses
  • Her passion for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within business and recruitment
  • The hesitations she had to go on the Owner Manager Programme, including feeling torn between her time needed to work on and in the business
  • An encouraging message to other female owner managers
  • The power of community and how her cohort are staying in touch

And much more!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Any questions? Contact us at grow@theicehouse.co.nz

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Topics: Owner Manager Programme

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