Episode 6: A Seat At The Table - Cecilia Robinson

Posted by The Icehouse on Jul 18, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Introducing Episode 6 of A Seat At The Table with guest, Cecilia Robinson, Founder & Co-CEO at Tend, Founder of My Food Bag, Founder of Au Pair Link. Cecilia is a serial entrepreneur passionate about solving problems within New Zealand. A formidable force, mother of three, business leader and voice for many. She is determined to be 1% better each day, make a difference and leave a legacy. Her business journey has come with highs and lows, required emotional resilience, a strong sense of direction and a determination to take action.

Cecilia Robinson, Founder & Co-CEO at Tend, Founder of My Food Bag, Founder of Au Pair Link

This courageous conversation unpacks:

  • Cecilia’s passions, career background and her formative years
  • Problem solving in the healthcare industry and desire to leave a legacy, leading to Tend
  • Cecilia’s journey of redefining her purpose, working alongside her Husband and aiming for 1% better a day
  • What people misunderstand about her the most
  • Forming a lifelong bond with co-founders, Nadia Lim and Theresa Gattung and what that looks like today
  • The importance of having strong and capable leadership teams and how to look for the right leader when building a business
  • What A Seat At The Table means to her and how she uses her voice in business
  • Her experience with motherhood, business and advice to women worried about having a career break or balancing family and business well
  • How she believes New Zealand can improve in diversity and inclusion within business

Join the conversation with Cecilia, Liz, Mel and Bryar.

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