Carollyn Chaplin

Marketing, brand and value proposition expert

About Carollyn

Carollyn brings Brand, Marketing and Commercial experience after many years in the Telecommunications industry and then following with small and medium businesses.  She is an intuitive marketer with a strong financial background.

Her solid background in the corporate world enables her to apply these fundamentals to businesses across a wide spectrum.

Her experience and skills cover the full breadth of product marketing from brand positioning and research, to strategic planning,  performance and growth.

Carollyn is well versed in translating a market opportunity into a successful business proposition and has worked coaching business owners in The Icehouse for over 6 years – turning ideas into startups and developing startups into profitable businesses. 

She is results focused and can add the insight that allows a business to build a brand, set a strategy, prioritise and achieve its vision and goals.




Areas of Expertise

• Brand development and positioning
• Strategic planning
• New business concept evaluation and development
• Market research
• Financial analysis
• Facilitation of group workshops

Past Clients

• Picnic Box
• Nativeawa
• Jackson’s advisory
• Telstra Clear
• Startups in skin care, fashion, design, training, food, and farming

"Carollyn’s passion, expertise and support are fundamental to our success. Always there to give advice, encouragement and enforce good business practice."
Diane Stanbra

Picnic Box

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A Brand Is More Than a Logo, It’s a Promise

The key to a strong brand is to know what you stand for, why you are you unique and then having a strong value set to guide your approach, writes Carollyn Chaplin, business coach at The Icehouse

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Carollyn Chaplin Blog: Show & Tell Video - A Brand Strategy Is More Than Just Recreating a Look or Logo

Show & Tell Video: A Brand Strategy Is More Than Just Recreating a Look or Logo

In September 2016, Show & Tell Video's Michelle Sokolich started business coaching with Carollyn with an aim to work on a brand strategy for her business, 'I’ve learned what makes me unique and it’s just helped a lot, not only through my website but through all of the ways I market my brand'.

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