The Four Revolutions in Digital Transformation

Posted by The Icehouse on 19/07/2022 10:00:00 AM

While it’s important to understand the role technology plays in digital transformation, it is far more helpful to view “DX” as being a coordinated strategic response that combines technology, people, and new ways of thinking and acting.

The Four Revolutions in Digital Transformation

The first session in The Icehouse’s new Digital Transformation programme builds on these concepts, under the banner of ‘The Four Revolutions’. It will dislodge some misconceptions about where DX begins and ends, and explain why having the latest widgets and gadgets it not a simple panacea for business success.

The session will provide programme participants with a big picture sense of where and how digital transformation sits within the business landscape, inspire teams to get on board with the main programme themes, and… invoke a sense of urgency.

“There’s a massive, tech-driven layered change happening in the world right now – and these four interconnected revolutions have combined to cause huge disruption,” explains Brett Roberts, co-lead facilitator of the Digital Transformation programme.

“[Digital Transformation] isn't coming; it's here. If you're not doing something now, you're already late and you probably don’t have another five years to figure things out,” adds Brett.

The Four Revolutions

Technological Innovation As A Driving Force

This refers to the massive revolution that's taking place in the digital and physical worlds. From ubiquitous digital devices to AI, 3D printing and printing houses, to creating genetically modified organisms to make milk and jet fuel. The overall impact is huge for businesses and their customers and is affecting everything from product development life cycles to the ways in which people will work in the future.

The Customer Revolution
How customer expectations and behaviours have changed. What owners need to think about to be a successful company has changed markedly over time and why those companies that are customer-obsessed will prevail.

Complicated To Complex
Predictability in the business world no longer exists. Five and ten year-plans are no longer viable because everything will change in that time. Organisations need to get nimble and get into a rhythm of business where they're constantly scanning the horizon to be able to move in the right direction.

Leadership Priority List
Businesses need to develop a leadership mindset of learning and unlearning. What got you here won't get you to there. Similarly, who got you here may not get you to there either.

“If you’ve been in business 20 years, there's every chance that half of what you think is right, or is based on facts, has been superseded or is no longer as ‘correct’ as it used to be,” says Brett. Companies and their leaders who consciously ‘un-learn and re-learn’ are building substantial advantages over their competitors.

Together, the four revolutions promote the idea that standing still is simply not an option anymore. One of the most valuable learnings to come from the first session is that possessing the latest technology doesn't necessarily provide a long-term competitive immunity for an organisation.

Placing people at the heart of the revolution will also put companies in good stead in the future. Leaders can get a digital edge by being responsible for driving innovation and being responsible for making digital transformation work effectively for the business. To do those things, they need to understand culture, and drive the culture within their organisation.

“Mindset and knowledge can go a long way. The business landscape is shifting so fast that the knowledge that got you to where you are today isn’t the knowledge required to make you a success in the future,” explains Brett.

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