Change of Leadership at The Icehouse

Posted by Liz Wotherspoon on 12/06/2024 4:49:14 PM

It has been exciting to have been able to step into the CEO role and lead The Icehouse business for coming up 2.5 years. This has not been without its challenges with the market shifting and changing requiring us to be agile and adaptive. As a business, I think we can be proud of how we have navigated this and what we have achieved. 

Olivia & Liz

Pictured: Olivia Blaylock (Left) & Liz Wotherspoon (Right)

Last year, I signalled that I wanted to step away from the CEO role and play a different role in the business. One that enables me to play to my strengths, passionately do the best work I can and, for as long as I choose to be part of this amazing organisation, continue to add value most importantly to our amazing alumni, community and customers, to the incredible network of talented people who work with and for us, and ultimately to the business.

Specifically, I will be leading the design and delivery of our programmes and other customer solutions, evolving these to meet the ongoing needs of our customers, and ensuring we remain focussed on our key stakeholders – the SMEs we help and support. This role will allow us to keep stepping up our impact and evolving and tuning our offerings.

Olivia Blaylock will be stepping into the CEO role from July 1st. Olivia joined the Icehouse team as our Chief Growth Officer just over 10 months ago and has shown herself to be an excellent leader, with a real grasp of what growing businesses requires. As an OMP alumni herself, Olivia brings empathy and experience to the role and will continue the great work of the Icehouse team while also being bold in envisioning what the next curve looks like.

So, I’m excited! For me, for Olivia, for The Icehouse team and for our incredible customers and community.


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