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What's it all about?
Orange Line

This is an interactive 3-month e-learning programme for business owners – where you’ll have the opportunity to rethink aspects of your business and reset for the future. The programme is perfect for owners of businesses with revenue between $500,000 and $3M and employing between 5 and 25 people.

Benefit from real-time, discussion-based sessions with an Icehouse facilitator and fellow business owners. As with all Icehouse programmes, this is a uniquely intimate, small-group programme set in a secure and stimulating digital environment.

The programme combines online content, facilitated sessions and self-moderated peer group discussions, giving owners from around New Zealand practical sessions with a highly skilled and experienced Icehouse facilitator, subject-matter experts and owner-manager guest speakers.

Sessions are interactive and inclusive and will at times be deliberately provocative and challenging. Each element of the programme has been designed to keep participants interested and engaged as they think about what they need to do to retool and refocus their business.


In the final session of Taking Your Business Forward you will develop and present a clear 90-day plan with goals based on where you see the business going and what is required to execute.

The follow-up 1:1 coaching session is a check-in session to help ensure you are on track to implement your 90-day plan and the goals you set. This time with an Icehouse coach provides the opportunity to track your progress and identify and discuss any challenges you are experiencing or road-blocks to your success.


What's covered?
Orange Line

During this three-month interactive e-learning programme, you will:

  • Customers and Offering - understand your customers in terms of what they value and need and how you can align your product or service to this.
  • Leadership and Communication - consider your personal leadership and communication challenges for managing change and continuity and ways you can improve your effectiveness.
  • Building Resilience - explore the issue of building resilience, personal health and wellbeing and the importance of your resilience to the success of your business and your life.
  • Knowing Your Numbers - develop a better understanding of accounting and finance basics and key principles and apply these to your business.
  • Creating and Delivering Value - improve your understanding of how you create and deliver value in your business and also as part of a much wider network or ecosystem.
  • The Future of Work is Here - consider and explore methods, tools and technology for introducing more efficient practices and embracing digital in your business.
  • In this unique learning environment you will develop a 90-day Reset Plan and you will build relationships with a network of owners and business experts whose knowledge and experience can be leveraged well beyond the programme.


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"In an ever-changing environment, sometimes we need help to move our focus beyond the urgent to the important. To ask the challenging questions, search for insights and patterns, and explore and test new ideas."

Deb Shepherd
Programme Facilitator

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