BIQ™ Assessment Privacy Statement

This privacy statement demonstrates our commitment to protecting all forms of information collected from participants during the course of administering all forms of the BIQ Assessment. The policy covers all business and personal data collected and stored in relation to this assessment.

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Client information

All information collected will be held by The Icehouse Limited, 117-125 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland.

All information collected during the course of the assessment will be treated as confidential and will be securely stored on a Microsoft Azure secure cloud based BIQ™ database. Privacy will be upheld. The Icehouse Limited will prevent the use and disclosure of personal information unless the participant has explicitly expressed this wish and/or provided their explicit consent. The purpose of collecting this information is twofold.

  1. The first purpose is to assist NZ businesses to accelerate their success through awareness of business strengths and opportunities. For individual participants, specific feedback will be provided in the form of a detailed automated report and there may be opportunity to discuss the results with an ICEHOUSE consultant. Individual participant personal information may be shared with parties contributing directly to outcomes for that participant, such as course facilitators and consultants working with that participant.
  2. The second purpose is to enable The ICEHOUSE to measure success towards the goal of enabling 1000 businesses of international quality. In this circumstance, individual participant information will be reviewed by a small and select committee led by the Director, Growth & Coaching, where confidentiality will be of utmost importance. At an aggregated level sufficient to maintain the confidentiality of individual participants, the data may be used for ICEHOUSE business outcomes.

Rights of respondent

Participation in this assessment is voluntary. In keeping with the Privacy Act 1993, we will give participants access to the personal information we have collected about them at their request. We will correct any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, change their consent status, or have their personal information deleted at their request.

Legal obligations

As per the Privacy Act 1993, under certain circumstances permitted or required by law (for example, in connection with law enforcement investigations), we may be required to disclose client data or personal information without giving notice.


If you have any questions or are concerned about the treatment of your personal information, please contact Elena Sevastianova via email;

Changes in our Privacy Statement

We may update our Privacy Statement from time to time. However, we will not use personally identifiable information in a different manner than was stated at the time it was collected unless by express permission from the participant.