Episode 58: Neil Macintyre - Hosted by David Irving

Posted by The Icehouse on Oct 14, 2021 11:01:32 AM

Episode 58 of The Icehouse podcast, hosted by David Irving, is with Neil Macintyre. Neil’s company, Func.Nutrition, a dairy consumer foods innovation player, developed in the New Zealand market the Sun Latte brand which was the second ever company in The Icehouse incubator, back in 2001. The sale of the Sun Latte brand to Forterra, provided the capital required to take a number of his new products offshore.

Years later, when Neil had to suspend a dairy business development in Myanmar, he turned to his other passion, education, when he co-founded the International Leadership University in Myanmar's capital city, Nay Pyi Taw. Over the last six years he's faced many challenges, had some wins and most of all very rewarding moments educating and supporting students in a country of turmoil and uncertainty.

“If we can teach well, we can share ideas and knowledge. It’s one of the most significant gifts you can give to anyone.”

The conversation follows Neil’s business and leadership journey, most recently his time becoming a practical academic after a life in business. He has taught thousands of students and made a real impact, especially now as the country faces yet another ruthless and bloody military coup. Neil is back in New Zealand, running the University online. He speaks to the differences between New Zealand and Myanmar, his learnings, and what the future looks like for him and the International Leadership University. A very interesting, inspiring and challenging podcast.

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