Episode 159: Ross Hill-Rennie, Managing Director of Tile Shed

Posted by The Icehouse on Nov 16, 2023 8:59:07 AM

Episode 159, of The Icehouse Podcast, hosted by Bryar Stewart, is with Ross Hill-Rennie, Managing Director of Tile Shed, Financial Skills Workshop and Financial Skills Plus attendee, Coaching alumni, and current participant on the Owner Manager Programme, cohort 63. A lover of business and problem solving, Ross shares his entrepreneurial journey. 

We discuss;

  • What a day in the life of Ross looks like
  • How he started as a business owner at 18 years old
  • His love for business, solving challenges, dreaming big and achieving growth
  • How he wishes he got advisors around him sooner and why
  • The power of The Icehouse Alumni Community, and how it encouraged him to do the Owner Manager Programme
  • How he has felt like a fraud in business as he is self-taught, but realising all businesses have similar challenges
  • His experience on the Financial Skills Workshop and Financial Skills Plus, and why doing the workshop alongside his partner supported the experience
  • Takeaways from the Owner Manager Programme and Coaching with Michaela Vodanovich
  • Managing teams and different locations across New Zealand
  • What excites him about the future of the business and his entrepreneurial journey

And much more!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Any questions? Contact us at grow@theicehouse.co.nz

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Topics: Michaela Vodanovich, Owner Manager Programme, Coaching, Financial Skills Workshop, Financial Skills Plus Workshop

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