BNZ Partnership With The Icehouse

Celebrating our 20 year partnership!

Growth is key to your success, which means working with someone who looks for ways to say yes, who welcomes challenges, and has bold aspirations to succeed.

BNZ partners with The Icehouse to deliver the best in academic business teachings and practical learning to support their customers to succeed and thrive.


Dan Fulton - Owner of Fulton Swim School - BNZ Scholarship Recipient

Scholarships Available


Manager Programme

The Icehouse's flagship business programme, proving a difference to more than 1,000 Kiwi businesses and owners for over 20 years.

The Owner Manager Programme is a residential programme specially created for Kiwi business owners. 

With more than 15 full-time employees and $3M+ in revenue who want better awareness of what drives business growth, and understand how fine-tuning can solve business problems.

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The Leadership Development Programme is the only programme in New Zealand developed specifically for senior leaders in mid-sized, Kiwi owner-managed businesses.

Reporting directly to an owner or director, or want to expand their general business, leadership and people management skills.

The programme focuses on the application and implementation of practical knowledge from industry experts to your specific role and business situation.

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Business Coaching & Advisory 

Advisory services also include facilitated programmes that can also be tailored to your business, in-house training for multiple employees and other customised workshops.

Whether it’s planning an exit strategy, understanding how to sell more effectively, developing ideas around brand and marketing, or pivoting your business during times of crisis, The Icehouse’s business coaches bring value to your business in countless ways.

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What Is The Power Of The 
Owner Manager Programme


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Case Study


BNZ Wants To Help Their Customers Businesses Succeed

Our partnership with BNZ has been one of synergy towards a common goal - to unleash the amazing potential of Kiwi businesses and help them succeed.

It is with this goal BNZ trusts The Icehouse to take their exceptional business clients to the next level on their journey, by offering scholarships towards Icehouse programmes and advisory services.
These scholarships further show how committed BNZ is behind their business customers by backing them to go further, with funding towards their growth journey.