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I'm keen to help others feel progress via greater clarity, confidence & outcomes from a plan.

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About Richard

Richard sold his successful business to a Fortune 100 company in 2016 and upon completing a transition with the new owners, moved to work alongside fellow business owners to help them achieve success via an independent & indepth discovery, leading to a simple, realistic action plan.

Richard has experienced multiple deals, chapters and challenges with a family business and his own, therefore riding the roller coaster journey that growing businesses face each day.

He is now focused on helping others to gain clarity and confidence, to maximise opportunities and minimise pitfalls on their journey. Via broad business audits; customer journey mapping; revenue modelling; careful financial management; attracting, communicating with and growing large on and offline communities/markets; content strategies and doing the basics right, whilst always having an eye on exiting.

Richard offers independent assistance to ‘make stuff happen’ for both your business and you personally, using hands-on experience from staring into the abyss, needing to maintain perspective, resilience and persistence.


Areas of expertise

  • Broad Business Audits
  • Creating business and marketing action plans
  • Growing communities and memberships (online and offline)
  • Customer Journeys, Communications & User Experience (CX/UX)
  • Developing Business plans, with a view to Exit one day
  • Building resilience and life balance

A few of Richard's past clients

  • Helloworld
  • Southern Cross Health
  • NZ Mint
  • Moa Brewing
  • Palm Clinic
  • Chemwash
  • KEA New Zealand
  • Giltrap Group
  • Luxury Rail Trail Tours

"Richard is a class act - a great' get on with it' attitude, extremely efficient, well-liked by staff and clients. I recommend him most highly"

Craig Donaldson
CEO KEA New Zealand

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