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About Richard

Richard sold his successful business to a Fortune 100 company two years ago and has recently completed a transition phase with the new owners. Having started the business 12 years ago and experienced multiple deals and chapters during that period from initial investors, to a JV, buyback and then ultimately a full buy out, he has been on the roller coaster journey that growing businesses face each day.

He is now focused on using his experience and knowledge to help others maximise opportunities and minimise the pitfalls in their growth journey. His skillset draws from in-depth experience in creating an online presence focused around content, attracting and growing a very large community on and offline, inspiring & communicating with an audience, plus most importantly in a commercial sense, convincing brands to advertise and partner.

Richard offers independent assistance to make stuff happen. From a 360 audit of your start-up or going concern to coaching to meet a specific challenge, not only in business but also in resilience and persistence.


Richard Poole | Business Coach

Areas of expertise

• Creating business and marketing action plans
• Growing communities and memberships (online and offline)
• Technology and digital strategy
• Customer journeys
• Customer/User Experience (CX/UX)
• Channels and access to markets
• Building resilience and life balance

A few of Richard's past clients

• KEA New Zealand
• Giltrap Group
• Hospices of Auckland
• Rotary

"Richard is a class act - a great' get on with it' attitude, extremely efficient, well-liked by staff and clients. I recommend him most highly"

Craig Donaldson
CEO KEA New Zealand

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