Jo Clayton

About Jo

Jo is an experienced director, general manager and consultant who works with The Icehouse as a facilitator on Growth and Customised programmes. She likes to create long term relationships with clients and enable them to take a more proactive approach to managing their businesses and leading their people in order to build the sustainability of their businesses and position them for growth.

Having led many teams and businesses herself, she understands the issues business leaders contend with, such as having to manage the day to day business while trying to think strategically about their businesses, and that many business leaders have a good grasp on what they need to do but need some support in how they make it happen.&nbsp



Jo Clayton

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic planning and implementation
• Business development and growth
• Senior team effectiveness
• Aligning people, resources and activities to achieve vision
• Organisational development and human resources
• Governance and Board Interaction

Past clients

• Hyundai New Zealand
• Direct Control
• Allied Medical
• Firth and European Motor Vehicle Distributors
• Western Energy
• Deane Apparel

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