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Jo is an experienced Director, Facilitator and Advisor who works primarily with privately owned businesses. She is the Director of the Icehouse Leadership Development Programme and regularly contributes to the Owner Manager programmes.

Jo likes to create lasting relationships with clients, enabling them to take a more proactive approach to managing their businesses and leading their people in order to build the sustainability of their business. She works with them to get the fundamentals in place in the short-term, then helps them to create a longer-term plan, and the processes to execute it.

Many of Jo’s clients have enjoyed significant growth whilst working with her. She helps them ensure the right building blocks are in place, become laser-focused on the current and future needs of their customers, and build significant capability into their leadership teams.

Jo understands the issues business owners contend with, such as having to balance managing the business day to day whilst thinking strategically about the future. She knows that while many business leaders have a good grasp on what they need to do, they need some support to make it happen and to build the disciplines that sustain growth.


Jo Clayton

Areas of Expertise

  • Assessment of business fitness
  • Defining vision, values, goals and strategy
  • Building high performing management
  • Improving reporting and monitoring progress
  • Governance and Board interaction
  • Management and Leadership
  • Development programmes

Past clients

  • Go Rentals
  • Hyundai New Zealand
  • Giltrap Group
  • Wineworks
  • Halls Refrigerated Transport
  • Mulcahy Engineering
  • Western Energy
  • Deane Apparel
  • Thermakraft

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