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Kiwi born and bred, Chris’s interest in entrepreneurship and the SME sector aligns perfectly for Improving Business Planning and Performance. Her interest in this area was sparked after working in Malawi as a small business advisor. She caught the entrepreneur bug, becoming ‘hooked’ on the passion and energy that entrepreneurs bring to what they do.

She currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Maori Entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Auckland. In 2003, Chris was instrumental, with the Post Graduate Students Association, in establishing the Spark Entrepreneurship Challenge.

She has been involved with The Icehouse since its inception in 2001. Her consultancy work is with SMEs and family businesses in strategy development, learning and business growth. Other notable held positions include Coal Spud Group, Life Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK.


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Business Reflection: Are You 'Making Progress' or 'Mistaking Motion for Progress'?

Business Reflection: Are You 'Making Progress' or 'Mistaking Motion for Progress'?

Sometimes we get so caught up in running the business day-to-day, it is a challenge to take stock and ask how the business is actually doing. And for .

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