Mariko Rogers

The Icehouse - Lead Analyst
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| What did you do before?

I worked in travel in the UK. That’s all I have ever done before joining The Icehouse in 2007, the same year I emigrated to New Zealand with my husband Simon (Rogers, who also works at The Icehouse). I’ve always been involved in the operations, administrative and back-office side of businesses.


| What do you do at The Icehouse?

Salesforce! I look after data. I started off as the receptionist, then moved into sales support, sales administration – overseeing the invoicing for our programmes and so on. I picked up a lot of the IT work after my manager left, and the role has since evolved into all things data-related. Salesforce requires continuous online training, so I learn as I go.  



Areas of expertise

  • Salesforce
  • Data collection  
  • Administration  

Three interesting facts

  • I was born in Hong Kong  
  • I am currently making 1000 origami cranes as a mindfulness exercise!  
  • I love Macramé 

"I question them and they answer me, and for me they speak and sing… Some drive away my worries and bring back a smile … Others teach me to know myself."

The Binder of Lost Stories by Cristina Caboni


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