Darilyn Kane

The Icehouse - Coaching & Advisory Lead
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| What did you do before?

I worked at the University of Auckland Business School, which is The Icehouse’s founding partner. Previously I worked in management consulting and executive education; designing, developing and running programmes for corporate clients. I enjoy the learning environment and the positivity that comes from creating learning structures. 


| What do you do at The Icehouse?

I look after the coaching and advisory part of the business, liaising with our team of experts. I manage the process of getting them out in the field to coach other business owners (sometimes one-on-one) so that they can get the right kind of help they need to be better.



Areas of expertise

  • Learning experiences  
  • Consulting  
  • Programme development  
  • Connecting people and skills 

Three interesting facts

  • I do open water swimming in the summer  
  • I have a crazy white cat! I am sometimes called a crazy cat lady!  
  • I have never been a morning person but I make myself get up early and exercise 

“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods"

With a nod to William A. Donohue

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