Chris Michaels

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| What did you do before?

I was at the Marketing Association for four years and was Sales Manager there for much of that time. Prior to that, I did all sorts of different things, mainly in marketing and advertising – everything from radio to television production and working for various bespoke ad agencies in New Zealand.


| What do you do at The Icehouse?

I’m one of the Customer Growth Partners. My regions include Wellington, Manawatu, Palmerston North, Levin, West Auckland, Auckland Harbour, and the Auckland North Shore from Albany all the way up to Whangarei – sometimes further!



Areas of expertise

  • Interpersonal skills  
  • Reading people and building relationships 
  • Sales  

Three interesting facts

  • I am an amateur artist. I am trying to do enough to put on my own art exhibition
  • I have lived in Shanghai, Wellington and Melbourne  
  • I am a photographer by trade 

“Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will the world be a better place"

Jimi Hendrix

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