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| What did you do before The Icehouse?

I have been a journalist and copywriter for 20 years. A lot of that was working for customer magazines and newspapers back in the UK. In 2012 I emigrated to New Zealand with my family. I was freelancing, writing for various publications including the New Zealand Herald and the AA magazines and several other customer publishing projects.  

From there I decided to branch out and move towards business copywriting because I was getting more and more specialised freelance writing jobs.  


| What do you do at The Icehouse?

I am the Knowledge Content Creator at The Icehouse. 95% of what I do is copywriting. I write the blogs and case studies and assist the marketing team in messaging - from one-off emails to press releases and contacting media.  


| What are your interests outside of work?

  • I enjoy running, and swimming in the summer 
  • I have two children and anytime spent with them is wonderful 
  • I love English literature and arty French cinema



Areas of expertise

  • Sub editing  
  • Proof reading 
  • Interviewing skills  
  • Copywriting  
  • Research  

Three interesting facts

  • My personal dream is to write children's picture books 
  • I have a secret life as an occasional voiceover artist 
  • A long time ago, I used to be sporty. When I was 14, I had a trial for the Chelsea Football Club. Then I discovered pizza

“The best things in life aren't free. But the best thing in life is being free."

Norman Stanley Fletcher, Porridge TV Sit-Com

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