Fast track your startup

Starting a business is hard! Having worked with hundreds of startups for over 13+ years, we know what it takes to transform ideas into successful businesses.

New Zealand entrepreneurs are renowned for their innovative ideas and ‘no. 8 Wire’ attitude. However, it takes more than a great idea to start a successful company. We can team you up with an experienced business mentor who will help you avoid pitfalls and develop, fine-tune and implement your business plan to fast-track the growth of your startup.

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OVER 250 startups

Created over 900 jobs
Raised over $117m in funding
Generated over $324m in revenue
Of which $214m from exports

ICE angels

invested over
47 million across
54 investments

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The mentoring we received, the connections made for us and the support during the capital raising process have

enabled us

to get to where we are today.

– Jason Roberts, Co-Founder & CEO, LiveLink Connect

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To discuss your business call or email us on:

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