Fast track your startup

Starting a business is hard! Having worked with hundreds of startups for over 13+ years, we know what it takes to transform ideas into successful businesses.

New Zealand entrepreneurs are renowned for their innovative ideas and ‘no. 8 Wire’ attitude. However, it takes more than a great idea to start a successful company. We can team you up with an experienced business mentor who will help you avoid pitfalls and develop, fine-tune and implement your business plan to fast-track the growth of your startup.

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OVER 250 startups

Created over 900 jobs
Raised over $117m in funding
Generated over $324m in revenue
Of which $214m from exports

ICE angels

invested over
47 million across
54 investments

The mentoring we received, the connections made for us and the support during the capital raising process have

enabled us

to get to where we are today.

– Jason Roberts, Co-Founder & CEO, LiveLink Connect

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