Digital Transformation


Are you harnessing digital to effectively achieve your strategy? This programme is designed to help you understand how digital technology can better equip your business for a continual state of flux.




Purpose and Strategy

Gain extreme clarity on your purpose and strategy.



Understand innovation and the innovation principles that can bring about meaningful and sustainable growth in your business.



How do you create and deliver value for your customers.


Digital Operations

Improve how your people work and create organisational efficiencies


Action Planning

Develop a plan to drive implementation and results.



Understand the power of a complete digital transformation philosophy.


Our digital Transformation Programme

Digital Transformation is becoming one of the most important business priorities – and with good reason, as it’s the main component for innovation in today’s successful and adapting businesses. It’s a key driver in how these organisations operate, compete and grow.

Our new programme acknowledges that Kiwi business owners understand the importance of digital technologies to achieve their strategy and objectives, but many do not necessarily know what this means in the context of their business nor where to start.

You may know ‘why’ but need support with ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘who’.

This programme has been designed with strategy and transformation as the key context. This starts with extreme clarity of purpose, strategy and how you deliver value.

Only then can you consider and plan how to deploy and utilise the right digital technologies to enable you to more efficiently and effectively achieve your goals.

The process blends a virtual learning programme with virtual peer group interaction and one-on-one coaching.

"Once the benefits of Digital Transformation are understood, you can consider and plan how to deploy and utilise the right digital technologies to enable you to more efficiently and effectively achieve your business goals."

Liz Wotherspoon, CE of Growth

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What's In It For Kiwi Businesses?


'I’m a Kiwi SME. I don’t need to digitally transform.’ Yes you do. Not only is it a requirement, it is now expected by the consumer and staff.

If you can knock off 20 hours a week of administration time by automating your payroll or invoicing would that not be a technology worth investing in? If you could drop the time inventory sits on warehouse shelves by half – by having better data and forecasting, or have customers technical questions answered within one working day by connecting the sales team directly with your tech teams messaging system, would that not give you a leg up on customer preference?

Digital Transformation can seem daunting. Many SME owners and leaders feel that it's not relevant to them or their business. However, the chances are that you are already immersed in many of the processes and behaviours associated with digital transformation. What is clear is that digital adoption is crucial for New Zealand's businesses to gain a firm foothold in the way we do business now and beyond.