Building High Performing Teams

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What's it all about?
Orange Line

Building a highly engaged, focused and collaborative team is a proven way to drive better business performance. Team performance directly influences many of the problems businesses face today: silo mentality; mediocre performance culture; high staff turnover; poor customer retention; a lack of sustainable and measurable development for employees. You may not even realise that these problems are limiting your success.

Building High Performing Teams is a workshop-based process that can be tailored for any team in your business – from the management team to those at the front line of delivery to customers. It can help you re-energise and boost the performance of an existing team; bring a new team up to speed quickly; or bring new talent into an established team.

What's covered?
Orange Line

We often look at business performance and individual performance. What about the real driver of results - team performance? Using the Team Alchemy performance system, we’ll guide your team to create a framework that is tailored specifically for your business to achieve excellence in teamwork and collaboration. It is a proven, measurable and sustainable process.

You will measure current team performance, identify critical areas of focus to enhance engagement and drive performance and align team goals with business strategy. You will work together to achieve a clearer direction (vision, goals, KPIs) and better engagement and alignment, leading to increased profitability and growth.

Ready to build a high performing team?

Bill Bain
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Bill’s personable nature and authenticity means that he can quickly connect and get alongside people to take them on their improvement journey. A diverse range of experiences and skills enable him to take a more holistic view across the key aspects of a business operation. He challenges people’s thinking, pushing and encouraging them to go further than they thought possible. He believes in a customer-centric approach to business where success comes through combining quality products or services with outstanding delivery through engaged, energised and committed people.

Bill Bain Creating a raving fan – The Supermarket Story

"The focus is on collaboration - creating a logical path to work together. There is no doubt that our business performane improved as a result."

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