Learning should be an Experience

Through our nationwide events, workshops and programmes we give startups and SMEs the skills, clarity and support they need to achieve their growth aspirations.

Business Type


Owner Manager

An in-depth leadership, management & development programme to give you the skills, clarity and support  to hone your strategic business plan and drive your business forward.

Leadership Development

Become a better leader &  communicator and more involved in the growth and direction of the business. This programme is designed specifically for senior managers in...

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Get an experienced business coach to help you develop and execute your business plan and explore new growth opportunities for your business.

Owner Manager Exchange

Reflect on your growth journey, refresh your thinking about yourself and the business and re-immerse yourself in The Icehouse.

Market Validation

To turn an opportunity into a sustainable revenue stream, you need a proven business model.


Focus on the inner needs of your business. We’ll develop a tailored programme solution to meet the development needs of your business.

Owner Operator Programme

A programme that provides you with the tools and help to drive progress and create positive change in your business.

Effective Leadership

A collaborative learning environment for leaders within small and medium sized Hawke's Bay businesses to build their influence and have a positive impact on business...

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