The ICEHOUSE League is an exclusive club for leading New Zealand SME business owners that gives you direct and ongoing access to ICEHOUSE knowledge, tools and contacts. It’s designed for you to celebrate, connect and learn alongside your peers, continuing your experience with The ICEHOUSE.

The League is formed from graduates of:

  • Owner manager programme
  • Owner operator programme
  • Leadership development programme
  • Start-Up Incubation programme


As a member you get:

Confidential Membership Directory: Stay connected with your peers like those in similar industries with similar issues, other ICEHOUSE graduates and business owners who may be able to help your business.

League business owner networking events: including annual get-togethers and guest speaker events where you receive exclusive access to New Zealand business leaders.

Preferred rates on The ICEHOUSE capability programmes: of seminars, workshops and network events for you and your team members. Easy online registration for League members.

Promote your business to extend The ICEHOUSE network: Promote your business offering to over 12,000 entrepreneurs and business owners on The ICEHOUSE newsletter and 8,000 website visitors.

Case Studies

I really value being part of The ICEHOUSE League. It is a mutual, multi-layered relationship. This year The ICEHOUSE is helping The Sutton Group open up markets in Asia. Last year I was able to lobby ministers at Parliament about the economic benefits of educating business owners to grow internationally capable companies. I also presented alongside Andy Hamilton at the BNZ Leadership Forum. By actively engaging with The ICEHOUSE, I have been able to lead my own business to the very best of my ability and contribute to the broader success of growing New Zealand businesses.”
Brent Sutton, Sutton Group Limited, OMP 1


To access the exclusive Membership Directory please click here.

You can belong to this exclusive group of outstanding New Zealand business owners by activating your League membership today.  Below is a list of our foundation members, just some of the great businesses we have in the League.

Adam Clark, M-com, ICE Accelerator Graduate – June 2005 
Anne Palmer, Lake Heron Station Ltd, Agri 4  
Bernie Crosby, Pro Life Foods Ltd, OMP 5  
Brent Archer, Aucom Electronics, OMP 15 
Brent Sutton, Sutton Group Limited, OMP 1 
Carmine Masiello, eBus, ICE Accelerator Graduate, 2007 
Denis O’Shea, Mobile Mentor, ICE Accelerator Graduate, 2007
Euan Sparrow, New Zealand Sock Co., OMP 10 
Garth Sutherland, Nexus 6, Accelerator Graduate  
Geoff Thomson, Distinction Hotels, Tourism Adventures Ltd, OMP 17
Glen Beal, Campbell Tyson Cooper White, OMP 18 
Glen Slater, INRO Technologies Ltd, Accelerator Graduate 2007
Graeme Nuttridge, Physio South, OMP 10 
Hamish Whyte, Furnware Ltd, OMP 14 
James Madelin, enlight photo, Accelerator Graduate 2008
John Buchanan, Mt Riley Wines and Estate, OMP 1  
Katie Noble, Allied Medical Ltd, OMP 9 
Lesley Going, Peninsula Medical Centre Ltd, OMP 7
Miranda Smith, Miranda Smith Homecare, OMP 19 
Neil McCliskie, Alandale Orchards, Agri 4
Nick Whisker, Whisker Farming Ltd, Agri 3
Philip Adamson, Outsource IT Ltd, OMP 6 
Robert Darroch, Future Products Group, Global 1, OMP 7 
Ross Davey, Quinovic Property Management, OMP 1 
Russ Wilkinson, Wilkinsons Foodmarket Ltd, OMP 12
Simon Bennett, formerly Eves Pantry, OMP 4
Trevor Hamilton, T.H. Enterprises Ltd, Agri 1


You are eligible to join the League if you are a graduate of a journey ICEHOUSE programme. To find out more about joining The League or if you have an enquiry regarding your membership, please email Amy – a.davidson@theicehouse.co.nz


To discuss your business call or email us on:


64 9 308 6200

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