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Being able to analyse, control, and then make the right decisions based on your financial information is critical for business success. Financial literacy can enable smarter and more effective long-term financial planning. It can also help to locate hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

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About Sabrina

Sabrina is an international senior business development executive with 20 years’ experience in sectors such as Premium, Fashion and Lifestyle, Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as IT. Her core management skills evolved in Business Strategy, Implementation and General Management with a strong focus on Sales and Marketing in entrepreneurial and corporate environs.

Sabrina’s focus is to support New Zealand businesses by coaching and advising around China market entry, marketing and business development, brand management, operations and cross-cultural business. She plans to continue to maximize on her extensive international network and knowledge to support people and companies with the connections and solutions they seek.

Sabrina is driven by a passion to make the connections that people need in order to enable a mutual, effective and efficient path moving forward. She is a creative generalist and dynamic facilitator, which allow her to visualize complex scenarios and strategies with clarity of thought and communicate them with ease.

Having lived in China since 2006, Sabrina’s profile is proven by an extensive record with global and local brands, successfully driving multi-million-dollar revenue growth in the APAC region.

Areas of Expertise

  • China Market Entry Strategy and Execution
  • Business Development Strategy and Brand Management
  • Business Operations
  • Crisis and Change Management
  • Lifestyle, Fashion, Premium Products & Services

A few of Sabrina's Past Clients

• Lewis Road Creamery
• Swarovski
• Auckland University
• CITTA Design
• China Media Capital Times (Shanghai Fashion Weekend)
• API (Brand: Only Good)
• Ashley & Co.
• Olympics

Sabrina is super sharp, people-oriented and a positive and a tireless facilitator of transformative thinking within the organization.

Chris Hosmer

Managing Director
Continuum Innovation

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