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Being able to analyse, control, and then make the right decisions based on your financial information is critical for business success. Financial literacy can enable smarter and more effective long-term financial planning. It can also help to locate hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

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About Regina

Regina helps your organisation discover it’s authentic voice so you can leverage the digital world to exponentially grow your business’s reach and results. Behind every big or small organisation, including yours, there are real humans. She’s passionate about creating the human connection through content so that your audience can relate to you and the other people who represent your brand. She knows that with the digital world moving so fast, guiding you to curate and maintain “solid ground” in your niche will keep eyes on you over time. With your influence and value you can create a culture around your voice to drive repeat buyers.

After leaving the film and animation industry, Regina and her husband built their business from the ground up with story based content and social media marketing while travelling through 15 countries full time.

A background in the entertainment industry helped her develop and integrate creative and technical processes for more streamlined workflows. This is a skill that has helped her in the online world and is what she brings you in her coaching career and workshops. Regina has rebranded and created traffic and sales results for businesses in the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

Areas of expertise

• Content Marketing Strategy
• Digital marketing and social media
• Video Marketing for non video professionals
• Creating Systems and Processes
• Digital Business Automation Workflow
• Copy and Content Writing

Past Clients

• Di Downie
• The Travelling Pint
• VimNow
• LIFT Social Enterprise
• FreedomPreneur Academy
• Hassle Free Rentals

"Regina offered invaluable insights and strategies to move forward. Her approach and style are refreshing, relaxed and easy to understand."

Tiffany Martin
The Travelling Pint

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