Nick Egerton

About Nick

Nick has 20 plus years senior management experience in New Zealand, United States and Europe. Professional achievements include: change and performance management implementations, successfully growing startup ventures and creating new reoccurring revenue business streams as well as reshaping and accelerating existing businesses. He has highly effective people skills and establishes good relationships with colleagues and customers at all levels. Working in a collaborative manner, he excels in achieving agreed objectives, planning, creating and growing new revenue streams. Nick operates effectively with information and facts and has a methodical, reliable approach. Additionally, through Nick’s professional capability and natural ability to think laterally, he can recognize and understand complex situations or technologies, and the associated commercial principles.


Areas of Expertise

• Leadership, advisory boards and governance development
• Strategy development
• Sales, marketing and market validation
• Operational, contract and project management
• Innovation, new ventures and M&A
• Finance

Past Clients

• Yellow
• Plant & Food Research
• PGG Wrightsons
• Tamoana
• Mogul
• B&W Accounting
• Compete NZ

"Nick brought strategic thinking. He was enthusiastic, focused and upfront, with strong business acumen and great skills in stakeholder management and coaching."

Roger Bourne
Plant and Food Research

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Why Small Businesses Need an Innovation Strategy

For small-to-medium business owners, an innovation strategy can be a positive key to opening a prime competitive advantage in crowded NZ customer pools or markets. This isn't about creating a 30-page document but a way for your business to create new value and leverage your current business model.

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Nick Egerton Blog: Mogul - Building 'Good Business' Through Confidence and Accountability

Mogul: Building 'Good Business' Through Confidence and Accountability

In 2007, George and Matthew Miller founded Mogul, a full-service, award-winning digital marketing agency based in Hawke’s Bay. Since 2015, they have engaged with Nick Egerton, a business coach at The Icehouse, for numerous projects and continued business advice.

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Nick Egerton Blog Post: Ready, Aim, Fire - 4 Tips on Validating and Launching a Product or Service

Ready, Aim, Fire: 4 Tips on Validating and Launching a Product or Service

Nick Egerton, expert in market validation and Business Coach at The Icehouse talks about his 4 top tips on making sure you’re ready to pursue your new product or service idea through a 'Ready, Aim, Fire' approach.

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