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Being able to analyse, control, and then make the right decisions based on your financial information is critical for business success. Financial literacy can enable smarter and more effective long-term financial planning. It can also help to locate hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

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About Mitch

Mitch has a wealth of operational and management experience from NZ, the US, Europe and South America. Originally from California, but living in NZ for the past 16 years, his focus is on growing businesses through establishing clear and achievable tactical strategies. He prioritises activities that strengthen the factors underpinning commercial success such as building a high-performance culture, growing strong interactive teams and creating strong and sustainable commercial relationships.

Mitch is an expert in FMCG and manufacturing and is an experienced investor and mentor of small/growing businesses. He uses his wide experience to assist businesses (through advisory or directorships) to find workable solutions to address short and long-term goals and fulfil their growth potential.

Mitch has held senior leadership roles at Fonterra, Goodman Fielder, Ecostore, Clean Planet and API Consumer Brands. He is a “down to earth”, high energy individual who is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese and has qualifications from Harvard Business School and London Business School.


Areas of Expertise

• Developing new sales channels (domestic & export)
• Aligning manufacturing, operations, sales & marketing
• Commercialising innovation
• Building high performance cultures and teams
• Tactical planning to implement strategy
• Mergers, acquisitions, new ventures
• Financial performance and management

Past Clients

• Sagitto Data Science
• Ericsson
• Air New Zealand
• Paneton Bakery
• Snap Fresh Foods
• Coromandel Tea Tree Oil Company
• RespiraCorp (Australia)
• EcoGroup Worldwide

By really listening and understanding my issues, Mitch has repeatedly come up with practical advice and innovative solutions which have proven invaluable to me.

Wayne Cherry
EcoGroup Worldwide

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