Michaela Vodanovich

Being able to analyse, control, and then make the right decisions based on your financial information is critical for business success. Financial literacy can enable smarter and more effective long-term financial planning. It can also help to locate hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

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About Michaela

Michaela is the East Coast Regional Manager for The Icehouse and has worked with a variety of local, national and global businesses.

She is the program facilitator for the Owner Operator program and Co-director and facilitator of the Effective Leadership Program. Having undertaken senior and general management roles for a number of international companies including Blue Star Group, GWA Group and Staples, Michaela has proven ability to build high performing, cross functional teams. Michaela works with business owners and their senior leaders to focus on having clear direction, developing leadership capability, improving productivity and increasing the visibility of company results to achieve growth and profitability.

Michaela Vodanovich - The Icehouse

Areas of Expertise

• Shareholder strategy
• Strategic planning and implementation
• Identifying key business drivers to improve business performance
• Improving leadership capability
• Optimizing salesforce effectiveness
• Pricing and maximising margin

Past clients

• Laser Electrical and Plumbing
• Giblin Group
• East Bay Finance
• Hastings Health Centre
• Regal Furniture
• ABC Software
• Fieldsway Engineering
• Central District Pest Control
• MR Print and Labels
• Foley Farming Enterprises Limited

It’s easy to have a shuttered view of your performance, constrained by a day to day focus. Michaela’s external perspective provides valuable alternative views. I really benefit from the experience she has gained working alongside other companies in many different fields.

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