Kevin D’Ambros-Smith

Being able to analyse, control, and then make the right decisions based on your financial information is critical for business success. Financial literacy can enable smarter and more effective long-term financial planning. It can also help to locate hidden opportunities you didn’t know existed.

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About Kevin

Kevin is obsessed with what makes a consumer buy and how a business can best position its products to appeal to customers. He specialises in identifying what makes your business unique and how to present this in a way that customers value and will drive them to purchase.

Kevin has worked at advertising agencies DDB, Ogilvy and Saatchi & Saatchi and helped grow the businesses of major clients like Telecom Mobile, Lion Breweries, Unilever, NZI, GSK and McDonald’s.

He has also started and developed his own online retail businesses (including the award winning Nappies Direct) and an online media company; and grown these from start-up into a multi-million dollar business.

Kevin knows every business has a story to tell and he will help you tell yours. Whether your business is big or small, it has a uniqueness and magic that can captivate consumers.

He knows that acquiring the ‘secret sauce’ is generally an accumulation of small gains which compound to create a big, ownable and unique competitive advantage. This results in a magic formula that is extremely difficult for competitors to replicate.

Kevin will help you find and develop the magic in your business.

Areas of expertise

• Identifying what makes your business unique
• Helping companies pinpoint their core target market
• Acquiring and creating loyal customers
• Ecommerce / Online Retail (from website development through to in-house logistics)
• Online / Social Media
• Marketing and Business Strategy

A few of Kevin’s past clients

• Telecom Mobile
• NZ Dairy Foods
• General Mills
• Lion Breweries
• Kimberly-Clark
• Unilever
• McDonald’s

"When it comes to personalisation and developing a rich, engaging relationship with their customers, hardly anyone in New Zealand is doing it well. The standout example here is Nappies Direct."

Dean Taylor
CEO Contagion Advertising

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