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About Jann

Jann is a business coach and mentor who supports and inspires others to succeed. She is also an experienced business owner, accountant and life coach.

This unique skill set means that she has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to help turn businesses around. Jann helps her clients see the “big picture” and find strategies for business growth. She enables you to prioritise, manage your time and systemize processes with the aim of having a successful business that can run without you.

Jann has had 30 years experience as an accountant within the Corporate Sector and Education Sector alongside 30 years experience in running a family business as co-owner of an award-winning bakery. Jann also has had 7 years experience coaching business owners from startups to companies with multi-million-dollar turnover and up to 50 employees.



   Jann Meehan The Icehouse Business Coach


Areas of expertise

• Strategic planning
• People management
• Time management
• Transformational Coaching
• Financial analysis and reporting

Past Clients

• AR Concrete
• Southern Alps Electrical
• On the Go Physio
• Charles Hannah Art & Design

"Jann enabled me to determine key priorities for building my business and helped me put these into action."

Charles Hannah
Charles Hannah Art & Design


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