Hamish Nutall

Business innovator and customer experience expert.

About Hamish

Hamish is the person who founded and ran the Naked Bus Company. He succeeded by being innovative and a disruptor. He learned many lessons, and made plenty of mistakes too and succeeded in building an amazing company that moved more than 700,000 kiwis a year around New Zealand delivering a +65 Net Promoter Score.

Hamish now uses his expertise with innovation tools like Agile and Lean Startup to help businesses drive forward with minimum viable products, focus on customer pain points and create repeatable processes to bake competitiveness and growth into their DNA.


Hamish Nuttall


Areas of Expertise

• Innovation
• Breakthrough business models
• Digital transformation strategy and execution
• Resolving customer pain points to increase customer satisfaction
• Lean startup to get a desired product into a customer’s hands faster
• Agile methodology (across the business) to deliver prioritised outcomes
• Harnessing technology to improve competitiveness and reduce cost

Past Clients

• Jackson Russell
• Rubbish Direct
• Return to Form
• City Guard
• Learning Wave
• Impression Real Estate
• Label Shop
• Te Whare Hukahuka
• Clear (in Brazil)
• Avanti Finance

"Hamish was extremely good at challenging assumptions, and then distilling numerous ideas into a few clear concepts and action points."

Caroline Harris
Jackson Russel

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