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Elizabeth specializes in Business-Brand DNA and Story. She deep dives with you for the real story within then frames up your strategic story for storytelling

Her approach differentiates and positions you to the customer of today in a way that traditional tools, frameworks and methods were never designed to. As business owners/founders/leaders we now need to be our own brand storytellers. But with which story? And which content?

Elizabeth’s expertise includes how the world and people’s expectations of brands/business today have completely changed. She witnessed this global shift first hand in her 2000+ focus groups across NZ and Australia, during 20+ years helping position & reposition numerous household brand names.

She works with businesses with big ambitions they’re eager to progress. They know that to achieve these, they need to be making way more connections with people and their lives – stronger, more lasting and real connections. And be making them faster than they are now. DNA-based Strategic Storytelling is the key.


Elizabeth Brown | Icehouse Business Coach

Areas of expertise

• Your real Brand Story DNA
• Strategic Storytelling content
• Differentiation and Positioning
• The 6 human needs driving every customer
• Creating lasting connections with customers
• Storytelling execution guide-railing (leadership & external)
• Premium and NZ Inc DNA positioning

Past Clients

• Emerson’s Brewery
• MedRecruit
• Blue Frog Breakfast
• The Hutchinson Group
• Breast Cancer Cure (BCRT)
• Spencers
• William Pike Challenge Award
• BeautyCare
• Cooney Insurance

"All execution decisions for our relaunch were based on the Brand Story DNA work done with Elizabeth. The result? A 90% growth curve."

Scott Wright
Lion, Emerson’s Brewery


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How to Transform an "Interesting" Story into a Powerful Strategic Story in Just Two Moves

Business-Brand DNA and Story expert, and The Icehouse business coach, Elizabeth Brown shows how to build a unique and powerful strategic story that boosts engagement with your audience/tribe and opens them up to taking early action.

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