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David started out in the IT industry and spent 9 years in a project management capacity. He then took those skills and experiences and applied them in the context of hi-tech product development environment at Navman and where he found is passion for product development. Navman had been growing rapidly, but their systems and the process had not matured with that growth and David was tasked with re-engineering the way that Navman brought product to market. Since then he has taken a number of companies in a range of industries on similar journeys, building their internal innovation systems, processes and capabilities.

Outside of work, David is passionate about getting kids into science and technology: both he and his daughter volunteer for OMGTech! and his children compete in robotics and enter science and technology competitions. David also involved in a number of technology special interest groups and is actively supporting the startup ecosystem in New Zealand.




David Stokes

Areas of Expertise

• Implementing Innovation Best-Practices
• Process Improvement
• Supporting IT tools
• Technology
• Product Development
• Project Management

Past Clients

• Navman
• Next Window
• Aeroqual (air quality monitoring)
•PowerShield (UPS battery monitoring/management)
• Electronic Partners (electronic contract design)
• IXOM (chemical)
• Downer (technology infrastructure)
• LIC Automation (agri-tech)
• Comvita (nutraceutical)
• Adherium (med-tech)
• More4Apps (software)

"It’s allowed us to have a complete mind shift in our perspective and the way that we look at Innovation within the business."
Antoni Tisot


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