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About Bill

Following a long and distinguished leadership career, Bill is now using his skills to coach and mentor people to reach their own business goals.

Bill’s experience as a highly successful business executive means that he can advise in the areas of General Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Channel and Account Management, Project and Change Management. He has worked within major FMCG, ICT, Media, Print Solution, Financial and Educational organisations in New Zealand.

Bill can quickly engage with a broad range of people. His personable nature and authenticity means that he can quickly connect and get alongside people to take them on their improvement journey. Bill’s diverse range of experiences and skills enable him to take a more holistic view across the key aspects of a business operation. He challenges people’s thinking, pushing and encouraging them to go further than they thought possible.

He believes in a customer-centric approach to business where success comes through combining quality products or services with outstanding delivery through engaged, energised and committed people.


The Icehouse Coach Bill Bain

Areas of expertise

• Culture & Purposeful Performance
• Change Management
• Building High Performing Teams
• Strategy Development & Implementation
• Sales Management
• Marketing Management
• Executive Coaching

Past Clients

• Genesis Energy
• Gen-I
• Gilligan Sheppard
• Spark
• Goodman Fielder
• Bayer Crop Science
• Canon NZ

"With a ubiquitous intent, culture, and a series of clear and pragmatic action plans, Bill transformed the combined teams into a high performing business unit delivering significant benefits."

Russell Ambrose
Genesis Energy

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Customer Experiences: The Sustainable Competitive Edge

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