Team Success

Lead your team to success

Being the business owner, you are constantly on your toes. Being on the go 24/7 means it’s easy to forget that you are in fact the leader of the business. Your actions set a bench mark for your employees to follow. Every business owner will hear that it's important to develop your...

The Icehouse | 21/07/16


Gain access to a valuable network of other owners and business experts

It’s who you know, not what you know. The Icehouse holds access to an extensive network of business owners and business experts. Being able to reach out to someone who is feeling the exact same way, who may have experienced the same successes and failures and can give worthwhile advice...

The Icehouse | 21/07/16


Innovation: Step Aside Startup!

There is no question that the word 'innovation' is synonymous with startup. The PWC Herald Talks held last week addressed the topic of innovation through clarifying three key areas: iteration, innovation and disruption. There was also a new spanner thrown in the mix - small businesses can also produce innovative ideas, concepts and products.

The Icehouse | 23/05/16


Gary Altenburg’s Fight or Flight

Gary Altenburg's joinery business reborn after quakes and The Icehouse attitude change The owner of a Christchurch joinery firm almost gave up his business after the Canterbury earthquakes but is thriving with the help of a business mentoring scheme. In the process, Gary Altenburg has rediscovered the meaning of work-life balance. As a...

The Icehouse | 30/03/16


OMP27 Gathering

OMP27 (2012) February gathering in New Plymouth Hosted by OMP27 alumni Steve Scott, owner of Rivet, it was a great opportunity to see Steve’s business up close, both the ‘Rusty Shop’ and the ‘Shiney Shop’, and check-in on the progress of all the alumni who were there.  Rivet are specialists in...

The Icehouse | 25/02/16

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